From the History of the Artsakh Movement – 1988

From the History of the Artsakh

On May 28, 1988, National Hero of the Republic of Armenia Movses Gorgisyan addressed the people during a rally held in Freedom Square with the following words:

“People, I will show you one thing, don’t be afraid.” He raised the Yeraguyn (Armenian: եռագույն, Tricolor) – the national flag of Armenia.

It was one of the most important steps for the restoration of our statehood when the flag of Armenia was for the first time raised in the occupied country.

The photo shows the powerful rally on Baghramyan Avenue.

The events of this day, June 15, 1988, are now being subjected to oblivion, but on this day, one of the most important events in the history of the Artsakh movement took place.

The Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR yielded under heavy popular pressure and decided to include Artsakh into Armenia.

David Fidanyan

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