Fundamental Laws of Life on the Iconography of Armenian Carpets

Fundamental Laws of Life on the IconographyIt has always been quite obvious that ornamentations on Armenian carpets aren’t mere decorations but conveyors of unique information, just like petroglyphs. And in fact, experts researching Armenian carpets have long uncovered the meaning of the Armenian carpets’ ornaments.

In this regard, the activity of Professor Vahanyan is particularly renowned. He has deciphered many dilemmas and mysteries of the ancient world that had reached us in the form of rock carvings. Unfortunately, carpets, unlike rocks, wear out, leaving the information on them almost unreadable. But because symbols on Armenian carpets coincide with those of rock carvings in the territory of Armenia, the short lifespan of carpets doesn’t play such a huge role.

An expert of Armenian carpets Hrach Kozibeyokian on his Facebook page posted an image of an Armenian carpet from Khndzoresk. The image is enhanced by the explanations of the carpet’s ornamentation. Apparently, Armenian carpets convey fundamental ideas of life.

Armenian carpets contain Armenian national and religious symbols like the arevkhach or the ornamental Christian cross, so it would be interesting to see what the Turks or Azerbaijanis would say in regard to their meaning. After all, they try to appropriate the art of the Armenian carpet weaving. How else would they try to justify their statements, had they been presented with those symbols?

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