Garegin Nzhdeh About Traitors Among Armenians

Garegin Nzhdeh About Traitors

“In the Armenian world is playing out a tragedy unprecedented in history, the actors and performers of which are violence, the living tools of this violence represented by scum from among Armenians, and the Armenian people as the victim of this violence.

Every time, when the fatal confluence of political circumstances allowed foreigners to dominate over Armenia, our rabble boldly raised its head – apostates who reneged on the nation, dissenters, cowards, in a word, rare individuals deprived of national identity and dignity.

Today, the red satraps dominate in Armenia, and the violence has once again brought certain elements to life and service. But this time, not within the borders of Armenia itself – where their number, all credit to the Armenian nation, is extremely insignificant, one can say it is practically zero – but in the diaspora.

Some representatives of the Armenian colonies, instead of repenting with a word or a deed of their past faint-heartedness and desertion, which they manifested in the days of our liberation struggle, and sharing Armenia’s sufferings, extremely aggravate this suffering by their betrayal.

Psychological amputation is what is happening in Armenia. By order of the Red North, the Armenianship of the country, its spiritual essence is subjected to moral amputation. Attempts are being made to remove all the nation’s shrines from its heart, remove all those high human qualities only thanks to which nations live and create for humanity.

The amputation continues. One after another, they try to remove everything from the hearts of Armenians, everything that has allowed them for centuries to resist the attempts of the Islamic East to end Armenians. Which one, which of the shrines to drive out from the soul of an Armenian? Everything! This means killing the Armenians, turning them into corpses.

Such is our national scum, our internal enemy who, in fact, is a traitor and an anti-Armenian. In order to secure his unclean bread and continue to flirt with the well-known political trend, he incited Soviet power against the people of the country with unprecedented fanaticism, believing that he was fighting against the Dashnaks, while his evil efforts, in reality, were anti-Armenian.

In this way, my young reader, some villains outside the country play the role of provocateurs against the people of Armenia. Presenting to your merciless court the dirty deeds of these scumbags who add poison to the already unhappy bitterness of the politically unhappy people, I direct my word of anger and disgust not against violence but the Armenian-like tools of this violence.

Peoples suffered and will suffer the most because of their scum.”

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