Garegin Nzhdeh – “Even After Death, I Will Be With My Nation”

A program by Suren Sargsyan revealed an interesting story about Garegin Nzhdeh.

In the midst of the Karabakh war, during an acute shortage of weapons and ammunition, the commanders of volunteer detachments were looking for any opportunity to get weapons. One of these commanders was Mikhail Tarkhanyan.

Fate brought him to Syunik – to the house of an elderly, blind woman who at one time had an affair with Garegin Nzhdeh. The woman handed a map to Tarkhanyan that Garegin had once given to her. It marked locations where the sparapet had buried all his weapons before leaving Armenia.

Tarkhanyan sent the map to businessman Mikhail Kalantaryan, asking him to organize excavations in the mountains of Syunik and to find the weapons at any cost. In addition to geologists-scouts, the local population also took part in the excavations, including students of local schools.

In all the marked locations, rifles, ammunition, and shells of imperial times were indeed buried. All this was sent to the front.

Think about it, friends – our sparapet can even multiply its enemies by zero from the other world! The impressiveness of this man “haunts” even you and me.

One cannot but recall a passage where Nzhdeh writes that even after death, in difficult times, he will be with his nation.


Ինչպես գտան Նժդեհի թաքցրած զենքերը

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