Garegin Nzhdeh – Excerpts from an Open Letter to the Commanders of the Red Army

Garegin Nzhdeh – Excerpts from an Open Letter“It was you who by deception doomed the disobedient and freedom-loving people of Karabakh, Syunik, and Vayots Dzor to robbery and massacres. Along with social devastation, you ungodly campaigned to decapitate the people inhabiting this mountainous region.

You, consciously ignoring the most minimal requirements of revolutionary ethics, became the allies of the completely reactionary, inhuman, and Armenian-hating forces of the East, turning yesterday’s republican Armenia into Kemalist Armenia.

Instead of the promised “paradise”, there is hell, and instead of a thousand material goods are hunger, syphilis, blood, tears, slaughter, Mustafa Kemal, and Kemalists. This is what you brought upon the hardworking Armenian.

So you came, deceived, robbed, brought the people to revolt, but you were defeated. You lost because you had to lose: this is a decision of history, it is what humanity wants.

You lost because you were already morally defeated in your own destroyed and decapitated homeland Russia, because every step you take, every action you take is already a moral defeat and ethical suicide.”

Garegin Nzhdeh

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