Government building of the First Republic of Armenia-1918-1920

In this building, in 1918-1920, the Government of the First Republic of Armenia operated. The building was built in 1905 in Yerevan at 37 Hanrapetutyan Street.

Source: History Museum of Armenia / Հայաստանի պատմության թանգարան

Before publishing pretentious, toast-like statuses about the First Republic of Armenia, let us remember that this was the building of the Government of the First Republic of Armenia.

This building of historical value was supposed to be the home of a museum, but instead it is now Tashir Pizza.

This dilapidated house of Aram Manukyan in the very heart of Yerevan is the best indicator of how we feel about the idea of statehood.

And let us not be surprised that now our state is falling apart, and we are silently watching this.

David Fidanyan Translation Art-A-Tsolum

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