Historical Photo – The Last Caretaker Of The Monastery Of Holy Apostles In Mush At The Tombstones Of Mushegh And Vahan Mamikonyans

In the courtyard of the monastery of the Holy Apostles in Mush, at the tombstone of Mushegh and Vahan Mamikonyans once stood Vardan Vardapet, the last caretaker of the monastery and a defender of the Armenian liberation struggle and the fedayi troops.

In 1915, the genocidal Turks invaded the monastery of the Holy Apostles in Mush. Under the pretext of searching for treasures, gold, and weapons, they tortured and killed Vardan Vardapet.

Original Source: Shahe Achemyan’s page (the post itself is not available)

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  • Thank you SO much for sharing the photo and and information on Mr Vardan Vardapet…. I have been on a journey discovering more hidden TRUE stories, events, Armenian roots and history dating far back as before the biblical flood… Due to my dreams and revelations of ancient times…. I have learned So much and thank the lord and the Holy Spirit for their guidance. Its heartbreaking and if people really only knew or learn more in depth about them, maybe they would appreciate, care, recognize them for who they are, respect them more and treat them like true human beings that they are! If people only knew they were the first inhibitants from the city of Urartu, in ancient Armenia… And are the descendants of the Basque People!!
    They are an ONLY race that are known by different that have similar DNA, and different from every other race!!
    Thank you again… Ludy

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