History Museum of Armenia, Yerevan

History Museum of Armenia, Yerevan Beholding ancient artifacts plays a big role in establishing a spiritual connection with a nation’s history.

The sensation of the closeness of the hands of ancient craftsmen who made the preserved artifacts is simply invaluable.

Every time I manage to pay a visit to the Geghard Monastery, I make sure to climb its ancient staircase, the center of which features a deep cavity that has been forming for nearly 2,000 years, to experience that sensation of closeness.

The same sensation comes when observing ancient artifacts. Unfortunately, a mere photo and even a high-quality film cannot transfer that feeling.

Yerevan History Museum


Հայաստանի Պատմության Թանգարան / History Museum of Armenia – English

History Museum of Yerevan. Музей истории Еревана.

Left: a golden Armenian chalice with images of lions, 17th-16th centuries BC, found in Vanadzor. Right: a silver Armenian vessel, 7th-6th centuries BC, found in the Lori Fortress.

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