History of Armenian Intelligence Officer – Member of the Turkish Parliament

History of Armenian Intelligence OfficerThis story, which seemed absolutely fantastic and unbelievable, was known to a very limited circle of people until now. And although it happened in the middle of the last century, after publication by us, it is quite possible that refutations will follow from the special services of some countries even now. However, it is possible that the competent authorities will pretend that they have not noticed anything.

Nevertheless, the fact remains. That is, the famous Turkish politician of his time, a member of the parliament Mahmoud Shovket (we have to change his real name) was replaced by an agent of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Soviet Army Smbat Khojoyan who would for many years successfully play the role of a prominent Turkish parliamentarian.

Obviously, both Turkey and Russia will for a long time prefer not to mention this unprecedented event in the world intelligence that was delicately planned and carried out with a daringly carried out with utmost accuracy. Ankara is silent with shame, while Moscow retains secrecy.

GRU officer Smbat Khojoyan, a native of the Achajur village in Ijevan district, was fluent in Turkish. Due to this, he has been repeatedly sent to Ankara to perform various important missions. One day, he was again invited by the authorities.

“Smbat Hambartsumovich, we highly appreciate your work,” the general, one of the well-known leaders of the army intelligence, began the conversation, “However, what we want to entrust to you now goes beyond the limits of everyday ideas. You are again heading to the Turkish capital – this time indefinitely.

The fact is that a prominent member of the political party now ruling in Turkey, a member of the Mejlis Shovket looks exactly like you. Not only in the appearance but even in the timbre of the voice. You will follow him like a shadow, carefully studying his habits, business environment, the circle of friends, relatives, and detractors.

In short, everything… Shovkat has serious health problems, he has little time left to live. He will soon die, but… no one will know about it. You, Smbat Hambartsumovich, will replace him in the parliament, you will become Shovket for his friends and family. You will be sent to Turkey in a week. Good luck!”

…Three years have passed. All this time, Khojoyan constantly watched Shovket, studied his behavior, gestures, facial expressions, ate the same dishes, smoked the same tobacco, drank the same coffee. He wore a fake beard and mustache to disguise his similarity with the Turkish politician. He repeatedly infiltrated the house of the parliamentarian under the guise of a plumber, a glazier, or a locksmith.

He recorded the performances of Shovket in parliament and worked hard at night on his pronunciation. Sometimes, it seemed to Khojoyan that his twin, the politician Mahmoud Shovket, was looking at him from the mirror.

And only when he felt and was convinced that he had completely merged with the image of his counterpart, he sent a short encryption message to the Center: “I am ready.”

No one, including his fellow parliamentarians, knew anything. Shovket-Khojoyan successfully acted in the Mejlis, visited facilities inaccessible to mere mortals, and sent extremely valuable information to Moscow.

Full enthusiasm reigned in the GRU. Even the KGB, a traditional opponent of the army intelligence, praised the superspy of the GRU. And this is despite the fact that Mr. Shovket acquired the reputation of a consistent anti-communist.

According to some information, Shovket-Khojoyan even took part in the next parliamentary elections and won! Voters appreciated his brilliant performances and high activity.

The wife of the super spy was shrewder than the counterintelligence

Of course, not everything was so smooth and trouble-free. Almost immediately, the scout was unmasked by Shovket’s wife! It’s clear. You can fool anyone but the spouse! However, this was also envisaged by the operation’s scenario.

The GRU was well aware that the wife of Mahmoud Shovket was a Turkish Armenian and that her father had only been saved by a miracle during the Armenian Genocide of 1915. This was a part of the plan. The woman did not expose her “new-old” husband. And after a while, she herself was recruited by the Soviet secret service.

Only after many years, the Turkish counterintelligence was able to catch the trail of Khojoyan. He went into hiding. Fearing the shameful publicity, the Turkish authorities did not dare to put the scout on their wanted list.

The center has twice made unsuccessful attempts to transfer their super agent to Europe. And the situation would become more complicated. It was necessary for Smbat Khojoyan to torment, as the professionals say, the “green path”: he decided to cross the borderline Araks. Turkish soldiers noticed him and opened fire.

The scout stayed under water for 15 hours. All this time, he was breathing through a reed stalk. And only in the dead of the night, he managed to cross over to the Soviet coast.

…On one of the autumn days of 1984, along the streets of Yerevan’s Silachi Quarter, a funeral procession moved. The soldiers marched ahead, carrying dozens of combat awards of the deceased on pads. Solemnly played a military band. And the friends and neighbors of the deceased could not understand where several Russian generals came from and how they disappeared right after the funeral.

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