How Ijevantsi Seto Eliminated Kurd Salih

How Ijevantsi Seto Eliminated Kurd Salih

In 1904, in one of the borderline Armenian mountain villages of Sasun ruled a henchman of the Turks, the Kurdish leader Salih. He was known for his cruelty towards the disobedient Armenians of the mountain of Sasun.

But the Armenians would not be Armenians if they had not taken a fair solution to this issue.

Ijevantsi Seto (Seto of Ijevan) volunteered to fulfill the holy duty to punish the Kurdish ruler. Seto was from the Eastern Armenian town of Ijevan. Having received the call of help, Seto immediately volunteered to arrive and fulfill the holy revenge.

Forces were not equal though, so it was decided to draw up an ambush plan and attack the Turkish-Kurdish troops from two sides. The first combat action was undertaken by Gevorg Chaush against the local Kurdish agha Kor Slo. He was supported by the fighting groups of Murad Sebastatsi and Seto.

On January 17, Chaush attacked the Kurds, forcing them to retreat to Pasur together with the Turkish troops. Then, Seto joined the battle along with a group of 17 volunteers from the local population. He organized and led a bilateral ambush of an enemy column in a mountain gorge near the village of Pasur.

During the fierce battle, the Armenian brave men lost three fighters. Nonetheless, the enemy column was defeated, and Seto personally captured and shot Salih.

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