How Mushegh Returned the Harem to Shapur – For the Glory of the White Rider

How Mushegh Returned the Harem to ShapurThe son of Vasak Mamikonyan Mushegh was forced to move to Rome after the terrible death of his father in captivity of the Sassanian King Shapur II. From there, he would commence his liberation campaign.

Mushegh became a commander of an Armenian squad. Having gradually summoned a 40.000-men army, he marched towards Atropatene in order to liberate the Armenian land from the Sassanian invaders.

But Mushegh wasn’t aware that Shapur II also entered Atropatene with his large army. Mushegh fearlessly attacked the Sassanian king and killed almost his entire army. Shapur on a fast horse managed to escape back to his kingdom. He even left his large harem behind.

In this battle, Sparapet Mushegh captured a huge number of prisoners. Many were executed right in the square.

Mushegh ordered to stuff the killed soldiers into armor and send them to Shapur. Overwhelmed with revenge, he wanted to remind the Shah how he ordered to kill and flay his father whom he had deceitfully invited to the capital of Persia.

Many thought that the same fate awaited the Shah’s harem captured by Mushegh. But he did the opposite: he ordered to ensure the safety of the women. He gave them honors and then sent the harem accompanied by an escort and ambassadors back to Persia.

Shapur, seeing that his wives were alive and unharmed, could not believe his eyes. He was shocked by the nobility and dignity of the Armenian commander. He even ordered to engrave the portrait of Mushegh on a white horse on his gold chalice. And each time at feasts and holidays, raising the chalice full of wine, he carefully peered into the portrait of the noble Armenian and quietly repeated: “For the glory of the white rider!”

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