How Russia Made a Gift to Turkey at The Expense of Armenia

How Russia Made a Gift to Turkey

At the request of new geopolitical tendencies in 1920, Russia, at the expense of the Republic of Armenia, had to give a gift to Kemalist Turkey so that Turkey would become its “ally” in spreading the “world revolution” among the peoples of the East.

On August 24, 1920, an agreement was signed between Russia and Turkey and a red line was drawn along the Araks and Akhuryan Rivers. This red line meant the division of the Republic of Armenia between Bolshevik Russia and Kemalist Turkey.

According to this treaty, the Russian Bolsheviks were to refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Armenia and the Turkish army of the Kemalists was to launch an attack and bring the Armenian people to a critical state, after which Russia, taking upon the mission of the “elder brother”, was to return and become the mistress of the Armenian land.

Author: historian Hovhannes Zatikyan

Վուդրօու Վիլսօնի իրավարար վճռի և ռուս-թուրքական դաշինքի մասին

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