How Soviet Russia Armed Turkey in 1919

hundred years ago, in 1919, our region experienced difficult days. The civil wars in Turkey and Russia were becoming a threat to Armenia.

In 1919, two governments operated in Turkey. One of them was the internationally recognized government of the Ottoman Sultan stationed in Constantinople (Istanbul) and the second was the government of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk which operated in Ankara. The Kemal government had not yet been recognized by any other government or organization in the world.

Having made a decision to by all means prevent the Entente’s intentions to dismember Turkey and create an Armenian state, the Kemalists immediately took effective steps towards acquiring allies.

The most beneficial and convenient ally for them was Bolshevik Russia led by Lenin which was also not recognized by the world community.

Ruben Shukhyan from «Իրազեկ քաղաքացիների միավորում»

Ինչպես էր 1919-ից Ռուսաստանը զինում Թուրքիային

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