In 1992, the US Prevented Turkey’s Military Invasion of Armenia

In 1992, the US Prevented Turkey’s MilitaryOn the eve of the Turkish air strike on Armenia, US National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft had a telephone conversation with the Chief of Staff of Turkey and Secretary of the Security Council, explaining that he “would not be able to protect Turkey from Russian missiles.”

In addition, had a Turkish military operation against Armenia taken place, the US itself would strike at the Turkish armored vehicles at the borders of Armenia.

Turkey was unlikely to achieve its desired goals. Instead, it would find itself in a different and much more complex foreign policy situation and, in essence, in isolation. The internal political situation in Turkey also was not an argument for the implementation of this kind of military operation.

These actions might have been supported by radical and other nationalist circles, but such a policy was highly unlikely to be supported by the most respectable circles and groups of society. In the long term, the anti-Armenian military operation would have caused serious adverse effects for Turkey on the international arena.

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“In 1992, the US Stopped the Turkish Invasion of Armenia” – Former Head of National Security Council of Armenia

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