In the Struggle for The Recognition of the Armenian Genocide

In the Struggle for The Recognition

“Since the genocide against our people by the hands of the Turks, many of our brothers and sisters have given their lives for its recognition. And we are confident that our struggle is fair.

The perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide died from the hands of Armenian soldiers. It all started with the operation “Nemesis”, during which the direct organizers and perpetrators of the Genocide were assassinated.

Then, the struggle was continued by ASALA which focused on the recognition of the Genocide by Turkey and the return of our territories. Only after the beginning of their armed struggle, the countries of the West and the whole world began to raise the issue of the Armenian Genocide’s recognition.

We consider that it is normal when the Armenian people demand justice.

ASALA is called a “terrorist organization.” What they do in reality is resist. They try to wake up consciousness and conscience. We are proud and admire all its members, all its heroes!

Only those nations that have experienced this can understand our pain. For us, there is no “yesterday” or “today,” no “past” or “present.”

No matter how much time passed from this tragic day for our people, the Genocide happened for us, and no matter how much time passes, our pain and our hatred for the enemies of our Fatherland will not be calmed down by anyone!”

Պատմության այս օրը. «Նեմեսիս»՝ Դավաճան Վահե Իհսանի սպանությունը

«Նեմեսիս» գործողության

Նեմեսիս գործողության մանրամասները

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