Iran Was The First Country To Be Notified About Armenian Independence – June 13, 1918

On May 30, 1918, the Armenian National Council in Tbilisi (Georgia) declared itself the supreme and sole authority over the Armenian provinces. The words “independence” and “republic” were not used in the original statement.

The first state to recognize the Republic of Armenia was the Ottoman Empire. In accordance with the Treaty of Reconciliation and Friendship of Batumi from June 4, 1918, the Ottoman imperial government recognized Armenia.

And the first country to be notified of Armenia’s independence was Persia (modern Iran), Armenia’s southern neighbor.

On June 13, 1918, a notification was sent to the President of the Armenian National Consulate in Tbilisi (Georgia) signed by the Chairman of the Armenian National Council in Tbilisi (Georgia), the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Secretary of the National Council. It read:

“Your Excellency,

After the collapse of the Transcaucasian Republic, at a meeting of the Armenian National Council of the Caucasus [1918] on May 28, on the basis of the powers granted by the Armenian people, it was decided to declare the independence of the Armenian state and establish the Armenian Democratic Republic.

The Government of the Republic of Armenia has the honor to inform Your Excellency of this and request that you inform the Persian Imperial Government about it.

Accept, Sir, the assurances of our highest consideration.

Chairman of the Armenian National Council

RA Prime Minister

Foreign Secretary

Secretary of the National Council

The message is addressed to:

Royal Government of Sweden

Imperial Government of Austria-Hungary

Ottoman imperial government

Royal Government of Bulgaria

Royal Government of Spain

Royal Government of Denmark

Royal Government of the Netherlands

Imperial Government of Germany.

Source: AAA, ph. 200, p. 1, p. 23, N 166. Copy: by typist: Translated from French. Notifications for the listed countries separately: NAA, ph. 200, p. 1, p. 35, N 1-10: “Declaration of independence of Armenia and formation of central authorities (May-July 1918). Collection of documents and materials”, Yerevan, 2009, compiled by Hamo Sukiasyan, p. 76-77.

Photo: view of old Tehran

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