Ishkhan – Fedayis of Armenia

Ishkhan - Fedayis of ArmeniaIshkhan (Nikoghayos Mikaelyan, 1881 – 1915) was one of the most prominent figures of the national liberation movement of Western Armenians. He was the leader of the revolutionary movement of Armenians of Shatah (Van Vilayet). He also participated in the battles against the Turks in the counties of Shatah in January – February 1915.

Then, he became one of the leaders of the Armenians of Van on the eve of the Genocide.

On March 31, 1915, one of the leaders of the local Armenians Hovsep Chapolian was arrested by Turkish gendarmes in Shatah, which led to armed clashes between Shatah Armenians on one side and Turkish gendarmes and Kurdish chetniks on the other.

In order to calm the passions, the newly appointed governor of the Van Vilayet Enver Pasha’s brother-in-law Djevdet Bey announced the establishment of a mixed conciliation commission. Ishkhan was invited into the commission.

But it was a clever plan for the elimination of the leaders of Van Armenians. On April 4, on the way to Shaty in the village of Khirj, the commission was attacked by Circassians sent by Djevdet-bey. Ishkhan and three other Armenian members of the conciliation commission were shot.

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