Jangir Agha And Usub Bek – Yezidis In The Heroic Battles Of 1918

The Yezidi formations of Jangir Agha and Usub Bek actively participated in the heroic battles of May 1918. Thousands of Yezidis filled the ranks of the Armenian cavalry.

Before Dro assumed the post of commander of the Bash Aparan Front (May 23, 1918), the Ottoman regular forces would often oppose the Yezidi Horse Regiment and the militia.

The Yerevan “Ashkhatank” newspaper wrote on June 8, 1918: “One cannot but note with particular satisfaction the brave and fearless battles of the Yezidi regiment led by Jangir Agha shoulder to shoulder with the military units of General Silikyan on the front line. The participation of Jangir Agha was crucial for the fate of refugees and locals.”

According to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Simon Vratsyan, “the Yezidis contributed to the independence of Armenia and gave everything to protect it.”

It should be noted that commanders Andranik and Jangir Agha had warm and friendly relations.

Since 1896, participant of the May battles Usub Bek has been the leader of the Yezidis of Transcaucasia, as well as a member of the parliament of the First Republic of Armenia. On February 18, 1921, he joined the nationwide uprising against the Bolsheviks, after the defeat of which he retreated to Syunik together with the government and the army.

In Syunik, joining the brave men of Nzhdeh, Usub Bek took part in battles against the Russian-Tatar invaders. In July of that year, together with Nzhdeh, he moved to Iran.

Trusting Bolshevik promises, Usub Bek returned to Armenia in the fall of 1921 – to his home village of Shamiram. In 1929-1932, he has been persecuted by the Soviet government. Eventually, he would be exiled and arrested. In 1932, he was released from arrest.

In 1934, Usub Bek passed away.

Jangir Agha was exiled to Siberia in 1938 and passed away in the Saratov prison in 1943.

May their memory be blessed.

Հիշատակն արդարոց օրհնությամբ եղիցի…

Arshaluis Zurabyan

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