Jdrduz Gorge, Artsakh – How The Armenians Destroyed Enemy Aircraft

During the Artsakh War, the Armenians came up with a very original way of fighting enemy aircraft.

Since the Azerbaijani planes would fly at low altitude through the gorge near Shushi to avoid detection by Armenian counter-air defenses, it was decided to use the terrain features to eliminate them.

Steel cables were pulled through the gorge in several locations. The very first aircraft that attempted to bomb Armenian settlements collided with the cables, lost control, and crashed into the mountain. Then the second, the third. And soon, the Azeris realized what was happening.

Thanks to their ingenuity, the Armenians were able to reduce and then throughout the war completely stop the inhuman bombing of their towns and villages.

Today, everyone who passes through these places can see the steel cables stretched through the gorge near Shushi. They were never removed, and they continue to guard the residents of Karabakh.

Photo by Vigen Hakhverdyan

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