Khojaly Events: Azerbaijan Deliberately Falsified the Facts

Every year on February 26 Azerbaijan organizes different activities dedicated to Khojaly events. Azerbaijanis call the events of February 25-26, 1992 “Khajaly massacres”. However, as the Republic of Armenia and Karabakh Republic claim Azerbaijan uses the operations of 1992, aimed at suppressing the Azeri shooting on Stepanakert and surrounding areas, for their propaganda campaign.

During the operation mentioned above the NKR, Defense Forces left a corridor for the safe evacuation of the Azerbaijani population. The Azerbaijani authorities were informed about this beforehand. However, not only did the Azerbaijani authorities do anything to evacuate their people, but also to overthrow President Muthalibov, the opposition Azerbaijani National Front used the operation of Karabakh armed forces and started ruthlessly shooting the territory of Khojaly.

The testimonies of the Khojaly people also come to prove this. Azerbaijani officials have themselves acknowledged the fact – the former President Ayaz Mutalibov in his interview on April 2, 1992, to “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” told about what in reality happened in Khojaly, calling it “a coup against him”. In his interview, Mutalibov blamed the Azerbaijani opposition for the victims of Khojaly. Later, former Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev declared that “the former Azerbaijani authorities should also be blamed for all this.”

After the tragic events in the territories controlled by Azerbaijanis, Cnigiz Mustafaev photographed and filmed the dead bodies which were disfigured. The existing files confirm that the Karabakh armed forces physically were not able to go to those territories where the people were killed and then disfigured.

After these events, the Azerbaijani authorities headed by Abulfaz Elchibey, deliberately falsified the events to conceal their terrible crime calling these events a “massacre” of Azerbaijani civilians by Karabakh armed forces.


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