Khustup Mountain – The Armenian Capitol

Khustup Mountain – The Armenian Capitol

A remarkable fact – after giving up Syunik to Azerbaijan, as it was supposed to happen by the decision of the Bolsheviks, the territory of Armenia would become insufficient for it to maintain the status of a Soviet republic. Armenia was to become an autonomy in the composition of the neighboring Soviet republics.

This did not happen solely because of the actions of Garegin Nzhdeh and his eagles (as Nzhdeh called his soldiers in his memoirs).

The First Republic of Armenia became the basis for the Armenian SSR. The Armenian SSR became the basis for the current Republic of Armenia.

Only a few thousand hungry and emaciated people, entrenching themselves at the top of the impregnable mountain and challenging two empires, were able to completely change the course of history for an entire nation.

Undoubtedly, today, we would not have a state if it were not for this handful of people.

Khustup is a symbol of the invincibility of the human spirit.

Khustup for us should be the Armenian Capitol.

It is a pity that there are no memorials in such a place. Descendants should know their heroes by their names.


P.S. It is for this reason that neo-Bolsheviks convulse and emanate toxicity from the mere mention of the name of Garegin Nzhdeh, whom they hate fiercely. The Regnum team, the Kremlin’s imperial propaganda mouthpiece, is a testimony to this, especially its chief editor.

I can imagine what they felt when a monument to Nzhdeh was erected in Armenia. Now, it is clear who shot at the monument. They fear Garegin Nzhdeh like fire, even though he is long not with us.

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