King Aram – Tamer of 7 Wild Horses

King Aram – Tamer of 7 Wild HorsesKing Aram reigned several millennia ago. Historian Movses Khorenatsi wrote: “It is said about Aram that he accomplished feats in triumphal wars and expanded the borders of Armenia in all directions. All nations began to call our homeland by his name.”

The Armenian people have made up many legends about Aram. And the older a legend, the wiser it is. At the same time, the most ancient legends reflected real events. But as a rule, previous events for subsequent generations became legends, i.e. narratives with some admixture of fantasy.

Having acceded to the throne, Aram arranged a feast and invites foreign rulers, as well as famous heroes from neighboring countries. At the same time, a herd of wild horses invaded the territory of the vast Ararat Plain.

“Well, if you are a man, then grab the lasso and calm down the enraged animal!”

Of the forty horses, the strong men tamed only thirty-three. One after another, the brave and strong men attempted to tame the rest, but nobody managed to calm down the remaining seven obstinate animals.

King Aram grabbed the lasso and tamed the indomitable horses.

One of the wise men of the royal court would ask King Aram:

“My Lord, why did you tame all seven horses? You could just tame one. And everyone would still be convinced that you are the strongest.”

The king would reply:

“Taming one or two can be considered random luck, but taming all seven is a convincing victory. Know also, sage, that this is not just about taming horses. Our neighbors witnessed my strength and therefore will not dare to violate the inviolability of our borders. And if they dare, then I will handle them just like those horses.”

An excerpt from the book of Hayk Khachatryan Kings of Armenia

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