Kristapor Araratyan About Dro, Aram Manukyan, And Movses Silikyan

“In Yerevan and its environs, all power was in the hands of Aram Manukyan who collaborated with General Silikyan and Dro. Together, they have inspired the people and the army.

Their outstanding ability to organize military operations in and around Yerevan has given us the opportunity to retain our lands, including Yerevan and the St. Etchmiadzin Monastery. Armenians have been and are still reckoned with only thanks to these three individuals – Aram, Silikyan, and Dro.”

Kristapor Araratyan was the Minister of War of the Republic of Armenia (1919-1920), Major General, and a participant of the Sardarapat battle. He was shot in 1937 as an “enemy of the people” in the USSR.

Arshaluis Zurabyan

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