Leave Armenia alone and it will destroy itself – Ler Kamsar

Turks and Bolsheviks pulled Armenia by the collar, each in their own direction. One says: “I will take you to the desert in Syria and destroy you. Another says: “No, I must take them and destroy them in Siberia.”

From this noise, Armenia suddenly woke up and said.

– You are both great states, aren’t you ashamed to argue with each other in order to destroy only one million Armenians? Leave me alone and I will destroy myself.

– Do you have so many opportunities? “

– What are the problems, come here in a couple of years, if you see at least one Armenian in Armenia, spit in my face. Only one million ….. like snapping seeds.

I will destroy an important part of the Armenians in prisons, I will assimilate the rest of the small things in Russia, once or twice and that’s it …

Ler Kamsar, 1959, “The Sahara of Socialism”.

Zakaryan Ani Translation Art-A-Tsolum

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