Leo – “Tsarism incited attacks on Armenians”

Leo – "Tsarism Incited The Turks

Tsarism did not direct its army against the Armenians, but it played with the raising awareness of the uneducated Turkish people, thereby inciting attacks on Armenians, their extermination, and seizure of Armenian property.

These incitements are fully confirmed by the Turks themselves. It was also confirmed that the government itself handed out weapons to the Turks. In February 1905, the so-called Armenian-Turkish clashes began.

However, it would be more correct to call these clashes the Armenian-Turkish War, a war that lasted more than a year and a half and filled with blood and destruction all those places of Eastern Transcaucasia where Armenians and Turks had lived together. This situation was completely unexpected and unchanging.”

An excerpt from the book of Leo “From the Past”

David Fidanyan

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