Letter of Catholicos Gevorg to the Russian Command

Letter of Catholicos Gevorg

“I received information from my local representatives that the Russian victorious army not only does not assist the Armenians or protect them from violence but treats with complete indifference any problem relating to the protection of Christians, which allows the leaders of Kurdish tribes and Circassians to continue the exploitation of defenseless Christians scot-free.

While the Armenian population is denied entry into the region of the Manazkert Fortress, armed Muslims and Circassians, who yesterday foully attacked Russian troops, are walking around freely, armed from head to toe and committing new attacks on Armenian villages with impunity.

And those Armenians who, armed with weapons, have fought against the enemy are being searched and disarmed.

Their natural impulse to fight against the common enemy in the ranks of the Russian valiant liberation army as volunteers is met with an absolutely hostile attitude, which is expressed in insulting their national feelings and vanity.

After all this, the anxiety and fear that has engulfed the Armenian population of these regions are understandable.”

David Fidanyan

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