Letter of Komitas to Hovhannes Tumanyan

Letter of Komitas to Hovhannes Tumanyan“Dear Hovhannes, you did not come to Etchmiadzin – you got afraid of mosquitoes. I would have arranged you in a place inaccessible to even the smallest of mosquitos.

There is nothing more to talk about. If you want to go to Dilijan, very well. Don’t worry about the piano. The purpose of my or your arrival should be only and only words. We need to complement the work with performers and singers: in other words, compose a libretto. I will make up everything else related to music in Etchmiadzin where I have the necessary amenities in my room.

I will tell you in detail about my plans when I meet you. To speak, to give explanations about music in a letter is very difficult. At the present time, I am also busy; I must be able to keep up with the urgent project for European newspapers by the end of the month. Then, I will be partially free. I decided to spend the summer in Etchmiadzin, but for ten days, I will go to Dilijan to supplement ‘Anush.’

Send my special regards to Princess Tumanyan. I send a train of cordial greetings to you, your spouse, and your nestlings. Kisses. Your Komitas.”

© To Hovhannes Tumanyan, June 8, 1908, St. Etchmiadzin.

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  1. Garen Darakjian

    Hello there, do u have the letter in Armenian? I would like to see th blanguage or the words Komitas often used.

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