Map of Armenia in The 1919 Paris Peace Conference

Map of Armenia in The 1919 Paris Peace ConferenceThese maps of the First Armenian Republic were demonstrated during the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.

According to the maps, the area and population of Armenia would be 350,000 square kilometers and 4.3 million people respectively.

The population of the state would include 2,500,000 (58.1%) Armenians; 500,000 (11.6%) Greeks, Russians, and other Christians; 500,000 (11.6%) Turks, Circassians, Arabs, Persians; 300,000 (7%) Tatars (Azerbaijanis); 200,000 (4.7%) Kurds; and 300,000 (7%) Zaza, Yezidis, Fellahs.

The country would be a home for 3,000,000 (70%) Christians, 1,000,000 (23%) Muslims, and 300,000 (7%) Yezidis and Alevites.

An interesting thing is that the main city of Armenia would be Erzurum (Karin), which was exactly located in the geographical center of the country.

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