Martiros Saryan’s “Eastern Room” Returned To Armenia By Gourgen Yanikian – 1972

In 1972, a year before the assassination of Turkish diplomats, Armenian avenger Gourgen Yanikian visited Armenia. The purpose of his visit was to present Martiros Saryan’s house-museum with the painting “Eastern Room” painted by the artist and for a long time considered to be lost.

“I made my decision, which I am informing you about. The painting ‘Eastern Room’ by the great Armenian artist Martiros Saryan, which is owned by me, will be transferred to our Fatherland free of charge in the near future.

I voluntarily take responsibility to resolve this question, using all my resources. How and when the picture will be transferred, I do not know yet, but I promise it will be transferred. The painting will be delivered to Yerevan!”, Gourgen Yanikian had said in Santa Barbara in 1971.

Source: Harutyun Harutyunyan

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