May 28, 1919, Yerevan – Parade of Our Unity

May 28, 1919, Yerevan

The photograph presented below depicts a festive procession from Abovyan Street (former Astafyan) to the building of the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia. This procession was headed by a woman in a car dressed in black and wearing a black veil, which symbolized Armenia’s bloody past.

Immediately behind her car was another, with a woman dressed in snow-white clothes and a white blanket. She personified the liberated, independent, and young Armenia.

In front of the woman in white, holding hands, were two men – a Turkish Armenian (Western Armenian) and a Russian Armenian (Eastern Armenian). They symbolized the unification of Eastern and Western Armenia.

The first and second cars were surrounded by people holding posters with the names of the provinces and districts of United Armenia (Mush, Sasun, Tigranakert, Sis, etc.). On either side of the column were walking orphaned refugees and military.

Մայքլ Բաբայան

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