Mesrop Mashtots’ Educational System Between 5th and 20th Centuries

Mesrop Mashtots’ Educational System Between 5th and 20th CenturiesMesrop Mashtots is famous for creating not only the Armenian alphabet but a learning system as well. It is hard to believe, but the educational system he created would then be used from the fifth century to the 20s of the 20th century.

Having created the alphabet, Mesrop Mashtots moved on to the next important question. He found out that it was necessary for everyone in Armenia to learn reading and writing. Mashtots single-handedly developed a training system and set up a teaching network in Armenian monasteries.

Mashtots’ system was progressive and provided students with diverse knowledge. The fact that much attention was paid to the physical preparation of students is quite remarkable.

Until the very establishment of the Soviet Union, the monasteries have been the base of the Armenian school system. Neither the loss of statehood nor the numerous trials could break this age-old scheme.

Living throughout the world, the Armenians knew that their children needed to become acquainted with their language, culture, and religion. So regardless of what the children did in the future, they would remember their true homeland.

Many monastic schools grew into well-known universities, where people not only learned to read and write but studied secular sciences like law and medicine. One of those developed educational complexes was Noravank.

Mashtots’ system lasted for fifteen centuries. Its existence ceased only after the emergence of new technologies of the industrial era. But it may be more correct to say that it disappeared thanks to the Soviet policies.

But even now, Sunday schools operate under the Armenian churches in many countries with strong Armenian communities.

This is a kind of an echo of the old system created by Mashtots. Information about Mesrop Mashtots has reached us mainly thanks to his disciple and chief assistant Koryun, who created the work “The Life of Mashtots”. Thanks to it, we received valuable information about all the activities of Mesrop Mashtots.


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