Momik – The Great Armenian Architect

Momik - The Great Armenian Architect

What should every Armenian must know about Momik – the great Armenian architect, artist and sculptor. Master Momik was born in the village of Ulgur around 1260. The artist’s death year is not known – he died somewhere between 1333 and 1340.

About family of Momik knows that his father’s name was Grigor, and his mother’s name was Avta, and also that he had a son Askandar and grandson Shatonik. Momik studied at the University of Gladzor, and at the monk Ovasap. In addition to art, he he studied Greek and theology.

His teacher was also the master Siranes. Later the artist worked as Cilicia, and when he returned to Armenia, he began to work in the residence of the metropolitans of Syunik region in Noravank, was a court painter and architect of the princely family Orbelian.

Momik was one of the leading representatives of the school of the miniature in Smurzor. In the Matenadaran – a repository of ancient manuscripts in Yerevan – the Gospels of 1292 and 1302 are kept, miniatures in which are created by Momik.

As an architect, he participated in the design of such buildings as the Church of the Holy Virgin (Surb Astvatsatsin) in Areni and the Burtelashen church in Noravank – a pioneering two-story structure for its time with a rotunda.

In addition, Momik is credited with working on the church of St. Grigor Lusavorich (Gregory the Illuminator) in Tatev. In addition to architecture, Momik was engaged in sculpture. His sculptures adorned with the porch of Saint Stepanos Nahavka.

Momik was the creator of the khachkars, which are currently exhibited in Echmiadzin and the Yeghegnadzor Museum.

In memory of the artist in Noravank there is a khachkar with the inscription: “Let Christ mention the soul of Momik and will have mercy on him.”

Noravank Monastery – Nestled in a peaceful valley near in Yeghegnadzor Armenia

“Momik” by Hayk Sayadian (Trailer)


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