Monte Melkonyan – He Was Honest

Monte Melkonyan - He Was Honest“He was honest and thought everyone was like that. He did not learn to lie and changed many people thanks to his character. He was the commander of a disciplined army but he never received a salary. He signed but did not take a single salary, and this amount was transferred to the relief fund of dead and wounded soldiers.

He received financial assistance from abroad, and this money was also fully transferred to the fund. When Ashot Shmavonyan from France sent money, Monte called the responsible official and ordered: ‘Give it to the fund!’.

He had the opportunity to wear the best military uniforms but was always wearing the same clothes: the back of the jacket was torn, but he wore it, although he could take one of the uniforms sent to him from abroad. When he first arrived, he was wearing long rubber boots. He was offered good semi-boots, but he refused to take them.”

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Monte Melkonyan

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