Moscow Mourned the Death of Djemal Pasha in 1922

Moscow Mourned the Death of Djemal Pasha in 1922In July 1922, Djemal Pasha, a member of the former Young Turk government, arrived in Tiflis in order to continue his cooperation with the Bolsheviks. Djemal was one of those responsible for the Armenian Genocide committed in the Ottoman Empire in 1915.

On July 15, Stepan Gevorgyan, Petros Ter-Poghosyan, and Artashes Gevorgyan killed Djemal Pasha in front of the headquarters of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission, executing the existing sentence on Djemal. The Soviet government immediately responded to this event. Funereal events were held in Moscow, as well as in Tiflis, the then capital of the Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic. Mustafa Kemal and Djemal’s relatives would receive condolences of the Soviet government over the “tragic death of a wonderful son of the Turkish nation.”

Those events would be followed by persecutions against the Armenian youth, as well as arrests and exiles. Among the arrested was Stepan Tsaghikyan who would never escape the headquarters of the Bolshevist Extraordinary Commission. Petros Ter-Petrosyan and Artashes Gevorgyan also became the victims of the red terror in 1937.

It should be noted that two days after Soghomon Tehlirian had killed Talaat Pasha in Berlin on March 15, 1921, the German court found him not guilty and freed. This is a clear indicator of the homicidal direction of the Soviet policy towards Armenians.

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6 thoughts on “Moscow Mourned the Death of Djemal Pasha in 1922”

  1. Michael Kochian

    Russians are responsible for these criminals who have been encouraged to oppress and braught injustice towards Armenians. The true Russians who are the main and vital neighbor of Armenians must know this fact. The vision of Armenia is to create a meaningful neighbor whom they will share most honorable history to be made by both nations. Therefore it’s the Russian responsibility to foresee these failures in history, where Armenians are the valuable allies who are helping Russia. There is much that Russia will gain in developing a very strong political and military relations with Armenia, than corrupt Turkey and Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, past failures of loosing Kars and Ardaghan to Turkey in 1920s and later under Stalin’s Soviet the carving Karabakh and Nachichvan from Armenia territories were major failures in recent Russian history. Truth hurts, where Armenia gave most successful Marshals and Generals who made the war against Nazism a victory. In today’s intelligence and political sphere these Russian failures are never gets unnoticed, trends in history are strong evidences of Russian failures, it’s now advisable Russia not to continue this weak and stupidity in the further. We Armenians can’t make Russia more meaningful and reliable super power if they continue this trending failures in history.

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