Moscow Treaty – Paper Signed By Criminals

Next year marks the centenary of the Moscow/Kars Treaty under which Western Armenia, Kars, Surmalu, and Masis officially passed to Turkey. This humiliating agreement was to be signed between the Armenian SSR, the RSFSR, Turkey, and the Azerbaijani SSR.

A few weeks earlier, a February uprising took place in Armenia, resulting in a temporary overthrow of the Soviet regime in Armenia. Representative of the “Committee for the Liberation of Armenia” Simon Vratsyan officially declared that the puppet authority of the Armenian SSR and its delegation in Moscow were henceforth deprived of the right to sign any documents on behalf of independent Armenia.

It is worth noting that at the time of the treaty’s signature, the governments of the Kemalists in Turkey and the Bolsheviks in Russia were not recognized by any country in the world. In fact, the Moscow Treaty is nothing more than an agreement of some criminals with others that divided Armenia between them.

Of particular note is the very fact of the February uprising. This historical example once again shows that inaction out of fear is unacceptable when the national interests of the country are at stake. It is this uprising that today gives us, the descendants of those Armenians, the full and legitimate right not to recognize the Moscow Treaty and accordingly the current borders between Armenia and Turkey.

A year before the Moscow Treaty, Ottoman Turkey had signed the Treaty of Sevres imposed by the Entente countries. Under this treaty, Turkey pledged to withdraw troops from Western Armenia and recognize the independence of a united Armenia.

P.S. Next year, it will be interesting to observe the puppy reaction of the current Armenian authorities regarding the centenary of this agreement.

Back then, we had nationalists – Kajaznuni, Vratsyan, Manukyan – standing on the ruins of the country against two empires and their larvae. Today and during the last 30 years, we had reptilian bandits/Kuki-Eurasians whose knees start shaking even at the slightest thought of turning away from the overlord.


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