Mountainous Armenia Against Russian-Turkish Invaders – 1920

Mountainous Armenia

In September 1920, an uprising broke out in Syunik against the Russian and allied Tatar-Turkish troops that had invaded the country back in June. The uprising was led by Poghos Ter-Davtyan.

At the same time, at the instigation of the Russians, the Kemalists invaded Armenia. While the Armenians lost the Armenian-Turkish war on and Armenia itself was Sovietized, the Armenian rebels led by Poghos Ter-Davtian and Garegin Nzhdeh managed to drive the Russian-Turkish-Tatar hordes out from Syunik. On December 25, 1920, they created an independent state formation in the region, namely, Independent Syunik or Mountainous Armenia.

On November 20, 1920, in a fierce battle near the village of Uz or Uyts, commander Poghos Ter-Davtian, a favorite of the people of Sisian, was fatally wounded in the head.

On the next day, Nzhdeh from Kapan attacked and conquered Goris. From there, he moved to Sisian, Brnakot, Shaghat, Mazra, and entered Angeghakot. Thus, Zangezur was completely freed from the Reds.

On December 25, 1920, an independent state of Syunik was proclaimed at the first All-Zangezur Congress at the Tatev Monastery. Garegin Nzhdeh became the Sparapet of Independent Syunik.

The national liberation struggle against Soviet Russia, which broke out in September 1920, lasted ten months until July 13, 1921. On February 16-18, 1921, some regions of Armenia also rebelled against the Bolsheviks and even liberated Yerevan.

Arshaluis Zurabyan

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