No Need to Show Our Art to Anyone – Komitas

No Need to Show Our Art to Anyone - Komitas“At first, Komitas believed that if the world recognizes us and our culture, it will come to our aid and stand up for our defense. He wrote letters with similar content to Arshak Chobanyan.

But later, Komitas became convinced that no matter how highly the world valued your art, it can quietly close the eyes and allow your people to be destroyed when it comes to politics and profit.”

That is why in 1931 (four years before his death), when the composer gave an interview while in a Paris clinic, he said: “No need to show our art to anyone: sing at your home, others have ears to hear and eyes to see.”

After being asked who would take care of the Armenian culture since Komitas himself was unable to do so, he said: “Do not be afraid. The people who gave birth to me and such people as me will always be able to do it. It may seem that it is on the verge of destruction, but the right one will come and save the situation.”


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