On the refusal of the US to sign the Treaty of Lausanne

On January 18, 1927, the United States Senate refused to approve The Lausanne Pact which had been made in 1923 as long as Kemal continues to illegally occupy most of the Republic of Armenia.

“The Senate finally rejected the Treaty of Lausanne on January 18, 1927, after a two-week executive Session. The treaty was not ratified because it could not secure a two-thirds majority by six votes.

The importance of Armenia in the opposition to the ratification, as a driving force, becomes clear with the following statement of the Senate Kink given to the press after the sitting.

“It would be somewhat unfair and illogical for the United States to accept and respect Kemal’s demands and promises, as long as he continued to counterbalance and maintain Wilsonian Armenia (now nobody’s land) as millions of Armenian immigrants and exiles have become a stateless people.”

by Armenians And Armenia

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