Only Armenians Have Preserved Their Ethnic Homogeneity and Language – Heinrich Hübschmann

Only Armenians Have Preserved“Among the numerous nations that have inhabited the northwestern part of Western Asia since ancient times, practically only the Armenians have preserved their ethnic homogeneity and language to this day.

Not with ease, not without visible efforts, and not in conditions of peaceful existence, but as a result of a long and exhausting struggle against internal and external enemies, in spite of many oppressions and persecutions that often turned out to be more bloody and cruel than Europe could imagine.

The endurance of Armenians is explained by the racial characteristics of their nation, as well as geopolitical, historical, and religious interrelations that helped them survive.

It is obvious that people with such an ancient history, inexhaustible national pride, and unshakable faith deserve the most serious and interested attitude from the civilized world, especially since this nation is close to us, Germans, by being Christians, as well as by belonging to an independent branch of the Indo-European root.”

Heinrich Hübschmann (1848-1908), a German philologist.

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