Photo of Armenian officers who grew up on lion’s milk – 1918.

On November 18, 1918, in the village of Avdallar in Artsakh, General Andranik received telegrams from British General Thomson, Khan Khoysky, from Yerevan and from many other places … all of them demanded an immediate cessation of hostilities against the Turks.

All of them insisted that Andranik’s actions allegedly threaten the peaceful settlement of the Armenian Question at the Paris Peace Conference. They even sent two million rubles.

This was Andranik’s last fight, he even felt like a traitor in the light of the actions of the Kyalafur mutilovshiks (՝՝ քյալաֆուռ մուծիլովշիկների ՝՝).

Andranik left the money in the Goris orphanage and left for Echmiadzin to surrender his weapons.

In the photo there are Armenian officers who grew up on lion’s milk, who with one jump could destroy all Askyar hyenas right in Shushi.

I am proud that we have a decent generation. which does not repeat the mistakes of the past. Heroes of the April War, including, will not let you lie.

Glory to the Armenian soldier!

Sukias Torosyan Translation by Art-A-Tsolum

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