Ptolemy on the Location of the Armenia

Ptolemy on the Location of the ArmeniaGreater Armenia was bordered from the north by Colchis, Iberia, and Albania along the line passing through the river Kir.

From the west, it was bordered by Cappadocia along the above-mentioned part of the Euphrates and the line of the Cappadocian Pontus to Colchis via the Moshian mountains.

From the east, it was bordered by a part of the Girkan Sea from the mouth of the Cyrus River to the point lying at 79° 45′ – 43° 20′.

The regions of Armenia between the Euphrates, Cyrus, and Araks rivers were Kotarzen near the Moshian mountains, Tosaren and Oten along the Kira river, Kolten and Soduken along the Araks river, and Syraken and Sakasen near the Mount Pariadra.

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