Repressions in Zangezur, 1920 – The Secret Order of the 11th Red Army

Repressions in Zangezur

Below is the secret order of the command of the 28th division of the 11th Red Army regarding the implementation of repressions in Zangezur.

“Proceeding from the uprising that broke out in Zangezur and is now spreading every day, as well as due to the danger of the uprising’s spread to Nagorno-Karabakh, declare martial law in Nakhichevan, Zangezur, and the area of Shushi.

Shoot people who take part in propaganda on the spot without trial.

It is forbidden to be on the streets without a pass after 20:00.

Head of the Cheka No. 2

Strengthen the propaganda line in Zangezur so that it would be possible to reveal propagandist Dashnaks and instigators of the uprising. Revealed persons are to be eliminated without remorse, judgment, and sentence.

Head of Registration Committee

Inquire about the control of Engelyurt. Are Armenian regular units participating in the uprising? And find out whether Nzhdeh’s gangs have been sent by Armenia in order to mobilize the local population to instigate an uprising. Strengthen propaganda and find out the strength of Nzhdeh gangsters and their armament. Carry out terror against Nzhdeh and his officers.

The head of the division Nesterovsky. Deputy Military Commissioner Saran. Chief of Staff Division Frolov. October 14, 1920.”

David Fidanyan

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