Russia Fulfills its Obligations to Neutralize Armenia

Russia Fulfills its Obligations to Neutralize ArmeniaMarch 16 entered the history of the Armenian people as the day of shame and one of the most shameful pages of Armenian history. On this day in 1921, Turkey and Russia concluded the Moscow Treaty, according to which they divided the Caucasus, mainly at the expense of Armenian lands. Kars, Surmalu, and Nakhichevan were transferred to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

The treaty is valid to this day. Moreover, in 2011, the parties reaffirmed their commitment to the treaty, and the then Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan solemnly handed over a genuine copy of the treaty to Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

During his press conference, President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that the times of Ataturk’s rule in Turkey were, perhaps, the most positive in the history of Russian-Turkish relations.

Now, Turkey and Russia continue the positive development of their strategic relations. And this is done in accordance with the agreement which has not yet been denounced. And Russia’s actions towards Armenia testify to the Russians’ loyalty to the treaty.

Article 8 of the treaty states that the parties are obliged to prohibit the emergence in their territories of such organizations or groups that threaten their governments by having territorial or power claims or by opposing them politically. Thus, the Russians are obliged to prevent the formation of anti-Turkish organizations in Russia, and vice versa. Turkey and Russia assumed the same obligations in relation to the Soviet Transcaucasian republics.

Armenia left the Soviet Union almost 30 years ago. Now, as a “Eurasian” republic, it is being systematically deprived of sovereignty by Russia with the support of the overwhelming majority of Armenian political forces.

And the aforementioned article of the Russian-Turkish Treaty is nothing more than a method of depriving Armenia of sovereignty and an obligation to neutralize Armenia as an undesirable “organization” for Turkey. Russia made this commitment to Turkey since it is clear that Turkey has obvious problems with Armenia.

The best way to neutralize Armenians is depriving Armenia of sovereignty, which is what Moscow is doing.

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was made the Pan-Armenian Declaration referring to Woodrow Wilson’s arbitral decision. To be fair, this reference is declarative and does not imply obligations for Armenian diplomacy. However, even the existing significance of Wilson’s decision is irrelevant since the declaration does not require the denunciation of the Russian-Turkish treaty.

Only such a demand can indicate the national dignity of the Armenian people and their desire to have sovereign statehood. Armenia cannot be a sovereign country until it demands the denunciation of the Russian-Turkish treaties of 1921 and while they are not challenged at an international level.

While the Russian-Turkish agreements are in force, the OSCE Minsk Group represents the voice of Turkey.

Staying silent, Armenia, in fact, recognizes these shameful treaties which also concern Artsakh and many regional problems. As former political prisoner Shant Harutyunyan noted, while Russian-Turkish agreements are in force, the OSCE Minsk Group represents the voice of Turkey.

In Article 1, the Soviet Government agreed not to recognize any international acts relating to Turkey and not recognized by the national government of Turkey. In fact, Russia will not recognize anything not recognized by Turkey.

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  1. We Armenians why all these years are silent such a treaties. If you are not voice you are not heard why we are not saying this to Mr. Putin in his face why we are too afraid , what we are going to loose , russians are going to bomb Yerevan or run over Armenia. We are smart nation, plan ahead , preapare and represant our case if you want really free nagion, we are no way free nation we are more slave now then before.

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