Russian Myth of WWII – Mnatsakan Khachatryan

Russian Myth of WWII

Do not be surprised, but there are still enough people in the Armenian society who are blindly in love with or are deceived or biased fans of the Russian-Bolshevik propaganda that has been deeply implanted in the consciousness of a certain group of people.

The zombie program is planted so deeply that even the most solid argument is perceived as a counter-revolutionary lie. And it is no longer clear what kind of revolution is in question.

The video below in Armenian with English subtitle. This film is useful for everyone and is obligatory for viewing by those who have lost touch with reality under the pressure of imperial, Bolshevik, and modern Kremlin propaganda.

Երկրորդ Աշխարհամարտի Ռուսական Միֆի Քողազերծումը (Մաս Առաջին)

Երկրորդ Աշխարհամարտի Ռուսական Միֆի Քողազերծումը (Մաս երկրորդ)

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