Sardarapat Déjà Vu – Tigran Khzmalian

Sardarapat Déjà Vu – Tigran KhzmalianHave you seen the map of Ancient Armenia? Have you seen the map of Armenia between the Middle Ages and the early 20th century? If so, have a look at modern Armenia. What do you think, what’s the reason behind the fact that the territory of the present-day Republic of Armenia is only the tenth of historical Armenia?

What do you think, is it because of the unfortunate geographical position, constant wars, Persians, Turks, Russians, and other tribes and nations that have been hostile towards Armenians?

Everything of the above is true, however, the reason behind Armenia’s poor condition today isn’t them. The historical reason is the betrayal, corruption, and incompetence of Armenian officials, starting from an ordinary scribe and ending with the head of the state.

Unfortunately, what had happened a century ago cannot be considered as the past because the same treachery, venality, and ignorance are still present in Armenia, in fact, among the highest governmental circles. Those people are the oligarchs who are ready to give up on everything for money, officials of all ranks and levels who are eager to betray their nation and flee at the sight of the smallest threat (which we, by the way, witnessed in the light of recent events), and traitors who are ready to obey anyone for their own benefit.

All this is described in Tigran Khzmalian’s documentary titled “Sardarapat Déjà Vu”, which covers the events of the early 20th century. It is very easy to draw parallels between the First Republic of Armenia and the modern Republic of Armenia in that regard. It is like a mirror that each Armenian has to look into, regardless of their social status.

Сomment by Vigen Avetisyan

ֆիլմը` Տիգրան Խզմալյանի ‘Sardarapat Deja Vu’ Armenian, Documentary XX Century Սարդարապատ (Documentary in Armenian)

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