Sebastia – A Province of Historical Armenia

Nestled in the province of Sebastia in historical Armenia is the village of Khurnavil, located to the east of the city of Tevrik. The community here was tragically forced to evacuate during the Armenian Genocide.

The majority of the Armenians perished along the route of deportation, and those who managed to survive established new homes in Eastern Armenia. In 1915, the village consisted of 150 houses and was home to 1,200 Armenians.

The community was primarily involved in agriculture and cattle breeding, with a church standing in Khurnavil as a testament to their faith. The village was also proximate to the Khrunavil Monastery. An Armenian school served the community, where future orientalist and philologist Nshan Martirosyan (1894-1966) spent his early years.

The village of Kasma, another charming settlement situated in Tevrik in the province of Sebastia, is set amid picturesque mountainous scenery. Much like in Khurnavil, the villagers were forcibly removed from their homes during the Armenian Genocide.

A large number of the deportees suffered fatal consequences during the death march. At the beginning of the 20th century, Kasma had a population of 700, of which 500 were Armenians and 200 were Turks. The Armenians were involved in agriculture, cattle breeding, and horticulture. The village was home to a church and the St. Mesrop school, which were integral parts of the community.

Vigen Avetisyan

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