Secret Installation of a Monument to Zoravar Andranik in Ujan – 1967

Secret Installation of a Monument to ZoravarResidents of the village of Ujan in Aragatsotn Province, Armenia, who initiated the installation of the first monument to Zoravar Andranik have had problems with the authorities for a long time. The sum needed to install the monument was collected by the residents themselves. The monument was erected in 1967. Saribek Tovmasyan, who was only thirteen years old when the monument was erected, writes:

“The people of the village secretly built a wall overnight in the place where the monument to Andranik would be. I remember very well when they brought it, how they brought it, and by what car they brought it. Around 1:30 – 2:00 at night, the monument was brought and installed.

We all helped, adults and children. We erected it at night, in secret. We set up watchmen so that no one could not come and prevent it. Even 3-4 years old children in our village knew that they were not allowed, that it was forbidden. Everyone realized that this was an anti-Soviet action.

Then, they arrived to destroy the monument, but the villagers would not allow them. The police came several times to demolish it, but the residents with shovels and pitchforks went against them. For nearly ten years, the monument was always guarded at night. Then, they calmed down, got used to it.”

Arshaluis Zurabyan. The story of Hranush Kharatyan.

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