Simon Vratsian’s Call to the Diaspora – “Come Back to Armenia”

Simon Vratsian’s Call to the Diaspora

Simon Vratsian was the fourth and last prime minister of the First Republic of Armenia, as well as a minister and influential leader of the Dashnaktsutyun party.

“Taking upon myself the duties of the Minister of Agriculture and State Property and wishing to immediately Armenize these institutions, I through the diplomatic representatives of the Republic and the press turned to Armenian professionals living abroad, inviting them to Armenia to accept local positions.

For those arriving from outside, I promised to give higher pay and convenience than what people here already have. Three months have passed, and so far, I have not received a single statement from Armenian professionals, the number of which is in the hundreds.

Again and for last time I publicly appeal to you, Armenian agronomists, livestock breeders, foresters, mineralogists, hydrographers, gardeners, milk producers, and other professionals, come back to Armenia where there are many jobs and positions for you.

It’s true that it’s difficult to work in Armenia now, you have to sacrifice a lot, but if you don’t come in these difficult days, if you don’t want to make sacrifices today, tomorrow, when the good and easy days come, you will already be redundant for Armenia.

Why can a Russian or a Pole serve Armenia now but you cannot? What’s the point of your patriotism then?

Or do you think that sitting in Tiflis, Polis (Constantinople), America, speaking beautiful speeches and giving us good advice, you have already fulfilled your national duty?

If you are with Armenia and a friend of Armenia, return to Armenia. If you do not come, leave Armenia alone. Armenia does not need your speeches and advice. Armenia needs your work, your experience, your profession, your ability to be Armenian.

Come back.”

June 12, 1920, Yerevan

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