Smbataberd fortress – Syunik – Armenia

So, friends, the first stop of the walking tour is the Smbataberd fortress. The road is awesome, beautiful, butterflies, storks!

The Smbataberd fortress is 5th century, the owners are the princes of Syunik, then they presented it to the Orbelians for their contribution to the expulsion of the Seljuks from Vayots Dzor.

There are very powerful walls and inaccessible rocks are indescribable emotions. At this height, only eagles fly.

Unfortunately, the photos do not convey the full scale and grandeur.

Source: Elena Rodriguez, Ell Ka and Hayk Melkonyan are now here: Smbataberd Սմբատաբերդ. Translated Atr-A-Tsolum

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