Tehran 1943 – Armenians Who Saved Three World Leaders From Elimination

Tehran 1943 – Armenians Who Saved Three World LeadersGohar and Gevorg Vardanyans have worked together in USSR intelligence services under the pseudonyms “Anita” and “Henry” for 43 years. It was them who prevented the operation on the elimination of three leaders – Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt – during the 1943 Tehran Conference.

To this day, many episodes from their lives remain classified.

According to Ria Novosti, Gohar Vardanyan told how the granddaughter of Churchill had thanked the Armenian secret service agent for the rescue of her grandfather in 2007.

Vardanyan told: “Indeed, it happened in 2007. Celia Sandys arrived in Moscow and addressed the public relations department of the foreign intelligence service to set up a meeting with the Soviet agent who had saved her grandfather. Such a meeting occurred. Having listened to Gevorg’s story, she burst into tears and said: ‘Thank you very much for saving my grandfather.’”

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